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How to Care for Your
Refinished Cabinets

Now that you've had your cabinets painted, how do you care for them?


That is an excellent question! Here is what we recommend:

1. Your paint will need between 15-30 days to fully cure. Use your cabinets gently during the first full month after your cabinets have been re-installed. The paint will be dry to the touch, but soft, and can scratch easily during this curing process.

2. With shelves and furniture please wait 3-5 days before replacing belongings, because they may stick to curing paint.

3. Remember to use the knobs & pulls on your doors and drawers. Being sure to do that will greatly help to lengthen the life of your new finish. Opening the doors and drawers by the edges will cause the paint to wear more quickly! Keep in mind, the paint will not last forever if it’s not properly cared for. But if you follow these simple guidelines, it will last for a long time!

4. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleaches, or any products containing ammonia, when cleaning. Ammonia will soften latex paint (No Windex!). Soap and water should work fine. Magic Erasers are great too.

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